A Fractured Mirror

Before you,
I craved sleep
to dream of just
one night with you.
I lay next to you
unable to sleep,
for fear of waking up
from the dream this
must be…

"If love exists,
this is it."
— riceispoetry

I refrain from adding
anything to the end of
“I love you” when
I say it to you,
because “very much”
and “so much”
only detract meaning
from those three words.
Three words are
all I need to tell you
that I love you more
than anything extra words
can tell you.

"I love you."

And that is all.
"Nobody loves you
like I do."
— riceispoetry

Sometimes it’s
impossible to
fall in love if
you’re too worried
about how you’re
going to land.

Love is a war fought upon
battlefields scattered with
shorn hearts,
broken promises,
abandoned hands,
with more casualties
than stitches can sew
on a heart torn apart
by the endless rage of battle.

But you…
you’re worth the fight.

"If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second."
— Johnny Depp

Sometimes I wish
love didn’t exist,
for there is no pain
without love-
and I am weary
of hurting.

I always seem
to be too late,
falling for her after
she has fallen for
someone else.

Yesterday, my eyes were deplete of tears of sadness, of joy, of anger. Since three years ago, those tears had ceased to roll trails down my emotionless face. When I did cry, I cried for someone else, someone I loved, someone I had hurt.

But today was different.

Today, tears collected on the ledge of my lower eyelid and overflowed. First one, then two, then three slowly slid cold paths down my now emotion-filled face.

Tears of sweat, of the effort I fully exert myself in helping someone get out of depression, out of their own personal hells. All for nothing.

Tears of blood, of the sacrifice I make, bearing the burden, the cross of others, only to be crucified mercilessly…and taking the pain with no complaint. All for nothing.

Tears of exhaustion, of grinding through endless gallons, rivers, oceans of blood and sweat rushing from me until I am nothing at all…just a grinning skeleton content at making the world just a little bit more beautiful for one person at a time. But when I think of the beauty of the world, its joy and miracles…I realize something. That all I do…it has purpose.

Today I cried tears that blurred my eyes and covered them from the wondrous beauty that is life. And even as I begun to think that death was shading joy from my eyes, I realized that my tears had hidden life from me to show me how horrible death really was.

Today, I cried tears of purpose.