A Fractured Mirror

I used to think that
I wanted nothing more
than to be your first,
and for you to be mine.

But now all that matters
to me is for me to be
your last and for you
to be mine.

Anonymous Asked
QuestionI have your "blue ink" (simply for lack of a specific title that I know of) poem up on my wall. Answer

Wow thanks so much! :)

He kept his eyes
on the bright side
of life to keep his
soul away from the
cold clutches of
its shadowy abyss.

"I cut scars on my soul too deep for eyes to see to let out demons darker than blood- regret, doubt, and fear."
— riceispoetry
"You don’t know what you really have until you’ve lost it…treat every nugget of life, love, and joy as your last, because one day, it could become exactly that. You could lose her tomorrow; he could leave you the next day. You could die tomorrow, or in fifty years’ time. Treasure happiness, and always try to make it last. Life is a mere shadow of an existence without happiness; don’t let it slip unappreciated through your fingers, clutching at it when it’s too late."
— riceispoetry

My muse is my sadness
and my ink is stained blue-
perhaps my joy is the reason
my arm has lain dormant
upon this unwritten page
for so long.

If I were a poker player,
you would be the
last hand I play,
where I go
all in

"We only part
to meet again."
— riceispoetry

Hey guys! I’m so sorry for not posting in awhile, words are harder to come now…I’m happy. I truly am; it’s been awhile since I felt that way, but I’m happy and sometimes…sometimes, whenever I’m with her, I’m giddy…when I hold her in my arms, or put my arm around her, or cover her hand in mine, I feel at the top of the world…So yeah, sorry for not posting as much; I feel as if my words flow more freely with my sadness, as that is how most of my writing’s been- I’ll try to post a bit more from now on- have a great night!

- E.S.

Before you,
I craved sleep
to dream of just
one night with you.
I lay next to you
unable to sleep,
for fear of waking up
from the dream this
must be…