A Fractured Mirror

It kills me
when she smiles
that special smile
with just one dimple
peeking out shyly
from her left cheek
because I know
that it’s not meant
for me.

The willow wept
thin tears that
began to die
the moment they
left her eyes-
tears swept away
by the moaning laments
of the wind,
her lover.

Anonymous Asked
QuestionYou're 16? Dude I had no idea u write so amazing. (Not that 16 yr olds don't write good, u just seemed older) Answer

Haha thanks! Yeah I guess I just overthink things too much, that’s probably why I seem older

Anonymous Asked
QuestionYou're a really good poet! How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? Answer

Thanks so much for the compliment! I am merely an observer of the world speaking truths as I see it :) oh and I’m almost 17

I cut scars deeper
than the eye can see
upon my own soul,
to feel the satisfaction
of atoning for my own sins.

Hey You,

It’s me, you know, the guy you left in the friendzone? I hope you know I never wanted to be here in the first place. Is it the way I talk to you? The way I don’t leave any part of myself hidden from you? The way I’m so friendly? Doesn’t really matter now, does it, now that I’m here and you’re there with your new “love”, who’ll never care for you as much as I cared for you? I wouldn’t know- I’m in the friendzone, remember? Yeah, it’s kind of hard to imagine somebody caring about you as much as I did.
You were the puppeteer to my emotions; the little things you did moved the strings that controlled me.
Little things. Like how you always had something to moan and groan about, sometimes playfully, sometimes not. No, that didn’t make you impossible to please- that made you relatable.
Little things. Like how when you looked at me, I couldn’t help but wonder who had lit the sparkle in your eye that you always seemed to have. I swear I’m not just saying that to echo the thoughts of romantics before me- your eyes really did seem to capture every speck of light and throw it back at me, making me feel dizzy upon impact.
Little things. Like how after every time I saw you, your smile would be mirrored on my face for hours until the effects wore off. You were my drug and I seemed eternally high whenever I was with you.
To be honest, I’m not writing this letter to a specific person. “You” are every girl I’ve ever fallen for- the same story with different names over and over again. I seem to dwell in the eternal friendzone, cold and alone with only my thoughts to blanket my wondering mind and wandering thoughts. Oh well, life still goes on, and I can still hope.

- Me

I never
gave up
on her-
I simply
moved on
with life.

I find it somehow
possible to drown
my river of tears
and stabbing pains
of a heartbreak
in an ocean of lyrics
and the steady pulse
of its bass line.

Why is it that
every time I fall
for a special someone,
I fall to the ground
and not into her embrace,
as my heart scrapes
against the cold reality
that I seem to be fated
to be forever alone?