A Fractured Mirror

My muse is my sadness
and my ink is stained blue-
perhaps my joy is the reason
my arm has lain dormant
upon this unwritten page
for so long.

If I were a poker player,
you would be the
last hand I play,
where I go
all in

"We only part
to meet again."
— riceispoetry

Hey guys! I’m so sorry for not posting in awhile, words are harder to come now…I’m happy. I truly am; it’s been awhile since I felt that way, but I’m happy and sometimes…sometimes, whenever I’m with her, I’m giddy…when I hold her in my arms, or put my arm around her, or cover her hand in mine, I feel at the top of the world…So yeah, sorry for not posting as much; I feel as if my words flow more freely with my sadness, as that is how most of my writing’s been- I’ll try to post a bit more from now on- have a great night!

- E.S.

Before you,
I craved sleep
to dream of just
one night with you.
I lay next to you
unable to sleep,
for fear of waking up
from the dream this
must be…

"If love exists,
this is it."
— riceispoetry

I refrain from adding
anything to the end of
“I love you” when
I say it to you,
because “very much”
and “so much”
only detract meaning
from those three words.
Three words are
all I need to tell you
that I love you more
than anything extra words
can tell you.

"I love you."

And that is all.
"Nobody loves you
like I do."
— riceispoetry

Sometimes it’s
impossible to
fall in love if
you’re too worried
about how you’re
going to land.

Love is a war fought upon
battlefields scattered with
shorn hearts,
broken promises,
abandoned hands,
with more casualties
than stitches can sew
on a heart torn apart
by the endless rage of battle.

But you…
you’re worth the fight.